Protection Services

Executive Protection

Kraken Security Group 7 takes great pride in our Flagship Service. Our motto, Prudens Paratus Discretus, translated to Prudent Ready Discreet, is what guides us to ensure our clients ALWAYS feel safe and secure. Regardless of the location or potential threat, we follow our proven Vigilant Planning and Preparation Process©️ (VP3™️). This allows us to constantly stay informed and apprised of a multitude of potential issues prior to the assignment commencing. 

While on assignment, we are trained to employ the Stop Look Listen Smell technique, in real-time, ensuring we are defusing or eliminating issues before they turn into incidents. 

Lastly, yet most importantly, we are discreet not only with our conduct but also with our clientele. The last thing on your mind will be your safety once you're contracted with us. We enable you to get back to enjoying the successful and exciting life you created by removing the burden of insecurity. 

Private Event

When it comes to private events, you never know the mindset of others. Your mission, regardless of whether you are a promoter, owner, entertainer, or attendee, is to enjoy yourself. 

We want to ensure everyone has a safe environment to conduct themselves accordingly. We will make sure a small incident doesn't even cross your radar. One bad apple is quickly removed to ensure the bunch stays fresh.

Area Security

Unfortunately, bad people do exist in the world. To counter this, we expanded our services to include whatever you require. 

Our mission is to ensure everyone has a safe environment. We take our profession seriously while simultaneously maintaining a courteous demeanor. 

When required, we will not hesitate to enforce the policies set forth, ensuring whatever you need physical protection services for, we have you covered.

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