Raider 7

As many of us know all too well, tomorrow is never promised to anyone. Therefore, we must cherish and pay tribute to the people who have helped guide us down the path of life we have chosen to follow.

The same path that led us to create and establish this company, is a path that was molded with brothers in arms who no longer walk this earth. These men did more than spill blood, sweat, and tears. They excelled in an organization that only accepts a select few, a few who must prove themselves worthy of earning the coveted title of United States Marine. 

Most may know a Marine or two, but then there are the exceptional men and women who seek a higher purpose within that organization. These individuals push their bodies and minds well beyond the breaking point over and over again until there is nothing left but the pure, unadulterated, muscle memory and second nature tactics which seem like natural instinct, or talent, to those who never endured the suck. 

These individuals remind us of the prestigious sacrifices we endure in defense and support of our personal and group-held beliefs for the betterment and advancement of mankind. These individuals are known as Marine Raiders.

Kraken Security Group 7 officially identifies the number 7 in its title to directly represent and honor the Raider 7 who tragically lost their lives in a training accident on March 10, 2015. 

Staff Sergeant Marcus Bawol

Staff Sergeant Trevor Blaylock

Staff Sergeant Liam Flynn

Staff Sergeant Kerry Kemp

Staff Sergeant Andrew Seif

Master Sergeant Thomas Saunder

Captain Stanford H. Shaw

Never above you, Never below you, Always beside you.

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