Security Engineer's

Kraken Security Group 7, Security Engineer's, are highly trained individuals who have put themselves through the most rigorous training created.

These include military operator's courses as well as individuals who have earned Master's Degrees and Doctorates from colleges and universities around the world, which produce some of the most skilled men and women in existence today. 

Security Engineer's are the highest caliber of Protector available in todays world. These are elite individuals who served, or continue to serve in one capacity or another.

They have completed both mentally and physically strenuous courses in the fields of Intelligence, Targeting, Survival, Management, Medical, Tactics, Surveying, UAS, and are licensed Instructors and Security Managers.

When a Security Engineer is on-site, you might as well bust out your fishing pole because things just became real easy for you.

How might one identify a Security Engineer? well I'm glad you asked.......

If you are interested in becoming a Security Engineer, please follow the link below.

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