Who We Are

Kraken Security Group 7 is a Private Company established in 2022. We are a licensed Private Security Agency, Firearms Academy, and Private Security Schoolhouse, based out of Jacksonville.

We provide Physical Protection Services and Consulting Services, in addition to licensing The Vigilant Planning and Preparation Process©️ (VP3™️) a methodology for the addition of Artificial Intelligence in today's time.

We provide protection and consultation services to the following industries: Chemical; Educational; Energy; Financial Management; Media and Marketing; Science; and Space. 

We specialize in physical security, de-escalation tactics, unarmed and armed security, instructional services, consultations, and business development.

We conduct Class D, Class G, Concealed Weapons, and VP3™️Executive Protection Courses for current and prospective Security Officers, Private Investigators, and civilians, which can lead to becoming a Security Engineer or District Chief.

With Firearms at the core of what we do, we employ a specific emphasis on: firearms safety; fundamentals of marksmanship; trauma management; and tactical employment of weapons on live-fire ranges.

We are a Black American, Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Small Disadvantaged Business. Our background is built upon Marine Corps Special Operations. We have a surplus of knowledge we employ to ensure a safe and non-intrusive experience for you.  

We ensure the security contracted and provided by us exceeds the status quo.

We take great pride in our role as a prominent equal-opportunity employer. We do not sacrifice or limit our abilities to train, enable, and employ the most capable individuals in executing all assignments at the highest level.

It doesn't matter if it's an entry-level Security Officer or the Director of Security, everyone is held to a standard, and are accountable for their actions.

We are aligned with multiple Security Agencies in order to execute assignments both nationally and globally. 

More information on Protection Services, Business Development, Schoolhouse Courses, and our Firearms Academy can be found by clicking on each link.

"Security is not just our job, it's our highest profession." - Director of Security

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