North Florida Firearms Training Center

North Florida Firearms Training Center was established and opened in 1975. For over 4 decades they have been training security guards, civilians, and law enforcement officers. They are an expansive range where you can conduct live fire training with the rifle, pistol, shotgun, and bow. Of course, a range this cool has to be owned by a Marine.

Steven L. Peters, the current owner and operator of North Florida Firearms Training Center, a company his father James J. Peters began all those years ago, is a Marine Veteran and retired Lieutenant, with the Florida Department of Corrections. 

Mr. Peters was also a FDLE Instructor for 26 years, and is currently an NRA Instructor; F.W.C. Instructor; State of Florida Security Guard Instructor and Firearms Instructor who has been instructing law enforcement, private security, and civilians for the last 2 decades.

Kraken Security Group 7 is proud to partner with a fellow Marine and call this location the primary training facility for Kraken Security Group 7, and its students.

Please view the gallery below.

Pistol: 3, 7, 15, and 25-yard lines and barricades for state qualification.

High Treat Pistol Course with steel targets.

Rifle and Shotgun shooting huts.

Rifle 100 and 125-yard steel targets as well as 50-yard targets.

Pistol steel and paper target ranges.

Air-conditioned classroom with bathroom and other amenities.

The "Flinstone" provided by Yabba-Dabba-Do Security.

Crowd Control Training.

The NOT Ok Corral.

Range membership for shooting on your own, outside of classroom or private instruction, is available for $150/yr or $25 daily rate.

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